3D Planning
Step 1 - Initial Contact:

Our process begins with a short phone conversation to discuss your ideas, timeline, and budget for your remodeling project.

Step 2 - In-Home Consultation:

If we feel your home renovation project is a good fit, we schedule an In-Home Consultation to help us understand your vision. During the meeting, we:

Step 3 - Pre-design Meeting:

During the Pre-design Meeting, we again review all your needs, wants, wishes and scope of the project, having first developed a Design/Build agreement with a fixed cost to build your project. If you approve, we will proceed with the design process and have you sign the Design/Build agreement. At this point, you will have the cost to design and build your project in writing. In summary, we:

Step 4 - Design Stage:

During the Design Stage of your new home remodeling project, we begin to make product selections and decide on the basic design and layout of your project. Additionally, we:

Step 5 - Final Design and Budget Review:

After completing product and material selections, the final cost-to-build will be presented and we will be ready to begin the construction phase. We:

Step 6 - Project Planning:

During the Project Planning phase, we:

Step 7 - Construction Phase

Construction work will begin and we:

Step 8 - Project Completion

During the Project Completion stage, we:

Step 9 - Start enjoying your remodel!